Fixed Desk

Reserve a regular desk in the open coworking space with the option to setup a personal computer at your station.

Starting at ₪1600 / Month

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in a nut shell

Fixed Desk Membership is ideal for small teams who wish to work together. But individuals will also benefit from a reliable station so they can just walk in and get to work. The open space environment exposes you to the hub community so you can build your network. You might even wish to collaborate with those around you. Or you can just put on your headphones and pound those keys. Either way, the secured desk will help keep you organized and focused on your work ahead. If you need a pick me up, head to the kitchen and grab some coffee, tea, or a snack. It’s on us. In addition, you can add credits to your plan for extra services such as printing/faxing, using the meeting room, mail/package handling, showering, etc. The list just keeps growing.


Your membership includes a Fixed Desk between 9am-11pm Sunday-Thursday, excluding holidays. You will have the option to schedule a conference room for an additional fee.


Hubsphere is conveniently located near the Azrieli center and the Hashalom station in the Beit Agish Ravad building.


Purchase credits based on your anticipated daily or weekly use starting at ₪ 80 a credit. To use the credit system you must register for the hub on demand plan (200₪/mo).

Other Services

Meeting Room-Need based
Daily Workspace-Need based
Package handling-Need based
Credits: ₪80

Frequently asked questions

What does the Fixed Desk plan include?

This plan has the same services as the Hot Desk membership, plus an assigned desk in the open coworking space and a small filing cabinet. You may also use a Hubsphere computer for an additional fee.

Do you have internet and computers?

Yes, we have a superfast wifi internet and ethernet. You can also include extra server storage as an additional service. Fixed Desk and Your own Office plans are eligible for a Hubsphere computer for an additional fee.

What are Hubsphere’s office hours?

Hubsphere is open to members from 9am to 11pm Sunday-Thursday, excluding holidays. We offer desk support until 6pm and administrative support by email during all Hubsphere member hours. 

How do Hubsphere credits work?

Our credit system offers Hubsphere members the ability to purchase credits for additional services such as time in a meeting room, mail and package handling services, printing/faxing, the shower, and other amenities.

How can I join Hubsphere?

You can contact our Customer Relations Manager by phone or e-mail and schedule an appointment in order to determine if Hubsphere is right for you. There will be a small application process. And it will be fun!

What is a workspace?

A workspace is a station in the common coworking environment. You can reserve a seat with the Fixed Desk plan or grab on open seat with our Hub on Demand or Hot Desk options.

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