2017 Top Coworking Spaces in Tel Aviv

by Claire Polansky

Wondering what coworking space to rent in 2018? Let’s close out the year by considering the most popular spaces in Tel Aviv this year and our predictions for the coming year.

The grand opening for Hubsphere coincides with the new year, so we won’t be on the list. But expect us to keep up with the ranks of full-service coworking spaces for startups next year.

3 seasoned technology entrepreneursjoined forces this summer in order to provide a community space and cost-effective services for startups. The studio feeling will likely appeal to startups and freelancers working in creative fields such as graphic design, computer art, or marketing. The New York-inspired exposed brick, hand-painted pop-art wall paintings, and handmade resin-glazed plywood tables will certainly be a welcome reprieve for creative types who are tired of staring at bland, white walls and cookie cutter furniture.

The space features 8 private offices suitable for 3 team members and plenty of work tables in the open space. Likewise, you’ll be able to get your caffeine fix and keep your whistle wet in the kitchen.

Hubsphere is conveniently located by the Azrieli Center and the HaShalom Train Station. So don’t be shy. Stop by and sneak a peek. Give us a call at *5327 to book a tour or schedule online.

In the meantime, here are the ones everyone’s talking about — and why?

2017 Top Coworking Spaces in Tel Aviv

1. We Work

We Work | Coworking Tel Aviv- Wework sign with wood chair and glass door| Hubsphere

It goes without saying that We Work is on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Every time I mention the word “coworking,” someone says “like We Work?” They are not exactly the inventors of coworking, however the Fortune 500 company certainly set the stage for industry standards.

Israel native Adam Neumann and architect Miguel McKelvey are the masterminds behind WeWork. They were just in time for an economic crash and surge of internet-based jobs, which sky-rocketed the digital nomad culture. They created a home base for these startupers and freelancers who needed to redefine their career as a result of the changing economy. But it’s the community environment that helped them take off. Soon after, We Work was born and grew up to be a giant enterprise. Now they have spaces all over the world, including Israel. But don’t expect a global company worth $20B to be a cheap alternative to renting your own office. It’s going to cost you.

2. Mindspace

Mindspace | Tel Aviv coworking-people working on computers at long wooden tables | Hubsphere

Mindspace seems to be hot on the heels of We Work. It is stylish. It is hip. It has great views. And it is right in the middle of all of the action with both locations on or near the historic Rothschild area.

The spaces have an eclectic design and range of amenities bound to appeal to the young freelancer fresh out of school and bootstrapped startup as well as the well-seasoned business executive. The space may not officially offer services, but they offer plenty of events that are bound to help you meet and greet your neighbors. But you can always say hi over your free coffee too.

3. Sosa

Sosa | Coworking Tel Aviv-people sitting at long table with oranges and lemons in a bowl | Hubspher

Sosa is the coolest coworking space in South Tel Aviv. It has this funny mix of glass-walled offices, exposed concrete and piping, antique furniture, and comfy couches. So they maintain an oasis of diverse talent.

But it is not the decor that keeps them afloat. Their investor and mentor meetings as well as business development events are what drives them. With 25 investors and experienced high tech entrepreneur behind the operation, it is safe to say they are in good hands for success.

4. Mixer

Mixer | Coworking Tel Aviv-Mixer logo on black vertical cloth banners | Hubsphere

Mixer is a modern designed coworking space overlooking the beautiful Park Yarkon in North Tel Aviv. You can sit in your office or conference room and stare at the park as you drink your free coffee. But eventually, you’ll want to get up to take advantage of the printer/copier or to mingle to coworkers. Or you can just wait until they host an event.

5. Urban Place

Urban Place | Tel Aviv coworking space - 6 people standing & sitting with food & drinks, open space with exposed pipes | Hubsphere

Urban Place is another coworking space that I can’t seem to escape. Maybe it is because of their central location on Ahad Ha’amand Rothschild, which I pass often. Or maybe it is the endless Facebook ads that chase me through my social media life.

They are following the trend of eclectic mixtures of modern and upcycled furniture geared to all types of workers. Personally, I’m a fan of the sea views, the gym, and endless supply of coffee. But if you like beer, you’ll probably appreciate their ongoing happy hours. And if you can’t stand the summer heat, maybe you’ll appreciate the new addition of personal AC’s. But I still don’t see how that will keep the fighting over the temperature at bay. So you’ll have to leave me a comment in the comment section below and tell me how this works.

6. Be All

Be All | Coworking Tel Aviv | Hubsphere

Be All has one of the most innovative business models. They combine social entrepreneurship with coworking, which sets them apart from the others. You can rent a coworking space and fund an economically disadvantaged youth’s tech training at their Green Start Academy. And this is only one of the many social initiatives they facilitate.

7. The Floor

Sosa | Tel Aviv Coworking - people working on computers in a warehouse style space, grey couches and a staircase, red exposed piping | Hubsphere

The Floor has been supporting the FinTech startup community for approximately 2 years. They strategically placed themselves inside the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange building, so participants are bound to strengthen their network just by showing up to work. However, it is not pertinent to schmooze on their own. The Floor has its own mentors including leading investment managers, digital bankers, computer scientists, data scientists, and other financial and tech experts.

8. City Hub

City Hub | Tel Aviv coworking-bar table, grey and yellow chair by a small coffee table | Hubsphere

City Hub is a charming coworking space right in the heart of Tel Aviv. It is juxtapositioned right off of the historic Rothschild and a stone’s throw from Neve Tzedek and the Florentine. You can’t miss the Salmon-hued building with lancet arched gothic windows. And when you walk inside, you will be charmed by the colorful, stylish decor. Just keep in mind, if you want a prime location with all the urban conveniences at your fingertips, you will have to pay for it.

9. Merkspace

Merkspace | Tel Aviv Coworking- people sitting on yellow chairs & piano, black/white floor | Hubsphere

Merkspace is a coworking space headquartered in Amsterdam, with 4 spaces in Tel Aviv. The spaces contain a mix of classy glass-walled offices and modern furniture with brightly colored accents pieces–particularly their signature saturated yellow. They offer a range of little office conveniences like printers, scanners, coffee, etc. Likewise, you’ll appreciate their events if you are interested in broadening your skills and network. But the real sell is the community atmosphere.

10. Regus

Regus | Shared office space Tel Aviv- Mahogany tables and chairs window with cityview | Hubsphere

Regus is an international shared office corporation with spaces around the globe, including a handful in Tel Aviv and other parts of Israel. Nearly all of their spaces are in secured iron and glass high rises.The offices are tailored to the business executive who seeks to share resources with other business professionals. Some offices have a legal office aesthetic while others appear to be suited to the high tech or other computer-based professional. You have the stand services such as mail, administrative support, printers, etc. But I think what sets these spaces apart is the professional appearance for business executives who wish to serve a high-end clientele.

Have a cool startup? Think you got what it takes to join a creative community?

Schedule an appointment at our hub & reserve your seat.

Author: Claire Polansky

I am a Jill-of-all-trades marcom specialist and high tech autodidact. I stay upstream with the rapidly moving high tech scene by excessively reading anything and everything. When I am not reading or writing, you can find me with my dogs on the beach basking in the Mediterranean sun.

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