5 Mixtapes to add to your work week playlist

by Claire Polansky

What should you rock out to while you work? Here are Hubsphere’s picks.

Need to activate that right brain so your ideas will flow? Or a pick me up while you drudge through the nitty-gritty details of a project. Whatever mood you are in, we have the playlist for it. We have a (work) week’s of mixtapes to help you get each day started.

Wallow in your Sunday Blues

Got the weekend’s over, I don’t wanna work blues? We have the playlist just for the beginning of the work week drag.

Pick up your step with Manic Monday

Rock out and speed through those projects with the energetic tunes from the 80’s, 90’s, and so on. We even threw in some goodies specifically about Monday just for fun.

Double up your favorite artists on Two for Tuesday

We gathered a handful of artists who rotated bands or started out in a band and went solo.

Get your Diva on with an all Woman Wednesday

Listen to strong women who know who they are and aren’t afraid to show it. Elle King sends her men packing with “Ex’s & Oh’s” while Adele sends her love to her beau’s new lover. Dolly Parton just begs the perfect Jolene not to take her man, but we know that she still has her pride. And you have yours. So have fun with your inner Diva.

Thank goodness it’s Thursday!

The work week is ending, so let’s get this party started. Get up and wiggle a little and break free from that daily routine. And start planning for the weekend. Run off to paradise, fall in love, party like it’s 1999, or take your work and shove it–at least for the weekend. No matter what you do with your weekend, we found a song for it.

Feel free to share your favorite artists and tell us what you like to work to.

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Author: Claire Polansky

I am a Jill-of-all-trades marcom specialist and high tech autodidact. I stay upstream with the rapidly moving high tech scene by excessively reading anything and everything. When I am not reading or writing, you can find me with my dogs on the beach basking in the Mediterranean sun.

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