Adobe Dimension CC Just Made 3-D Design Much Easier

by Claire Polansky

Adobe Dimension CC, formerly known as Project Felix in its infancy, has changed the lives of designers. The 3-D compositing tool will help you sell your product by simulating its natural environment. And if you are not a 3-D expert, no worries.  This tool allows you to create 3-D images without any prior experience with 3-D modeling thanks to machine learning–one of the trendiest topics in tech these days.

Now you can transfer your 2-D tools to 3-D to create product mock-ups, packaging designs, branded items, or even lifelike art. The assets are loaded with textures, shapes, and lighting for realistic effects. You can also add a background image in order to produce a realistic leaving the application or needing  The tool can even help you auto-adjust the lighting source and positioning. Moreover, you can shift angles, contours, and perspectives in order to emulate real-life scenarios like adding a shopping bag with your logo to in the hands of a model in a stock image.

Let’s see what’s in store for you. But first, take a quick preview of Adobe Dimension 3-D Design in action.

  • Drag and Drop vector graphics or images on 3-D models.
  • Adjust lighting, camera angle, camera, perspective, aspect ratio, etc with the match image automation feature.
  • Replace background images, change colors and hues, or alter the lighting with the Multilayered PSD render feature.
  • Manipulate and place textures onto images in 3-D forms.
  • Create and edit realistic shadows and reflections.
  • Implement light, 3D forms such as beverage bottles, textures like bubbles and shiny paper and more straight from Adobe Stock assets.
  • Render the design in real time.
  • Create life-like images and effects with camera field controls and V-Ray photorealistic rendering
  • Bookmark camera positions and perspectives
  • Get in-app guidance without closing the application
  • Use your mobile device and Adobe Capture CC to bring images from your phone into your work.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, Adobe has released or updated a few other creative applications that can partner with the program such as Adobe XD CC, Adobe Character Animator CC, Lightroom CC, etc.  So if you were on the fence on whether to stick with Adobe for design, I’d doublethink that.

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Author: Claire Polansky

I am a Jill-of-all-trades marcom specialist and high tech autodidact. I stay upstream with the rapidly moving high tech scene by excessively reading anything and everything. When I am not reading or writing, you can find me with my dogs on the beach basking in the Mediterranean sun.

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