Introducing Invision Studio

by Claire Polansky

Your life is about to change with Invision Studio, a seamless screen design tool that comes to life for your collaborative team (i.e., designers, developers, project managers, etc.). Designers and techies, beware.

Invision attests that

Good screen design shapes human interaction

This begins with the team who creates it. We can back that up with some joys and horror stories that will make your head spin.

And I am sure the Invision team have their own stories, which was likely the brainchild of this superpower app that will certainly give Adobe a ride for their money–at least when it comes to UX/UI.

Invision Studio is here to solve those clunky, incohesive workflows.

Watch what Invision Studio can Do

Here’s what to expect with Invision Studio:

  • Seamless collaboration
  • Responsive designs
  • Interactive designs and animation
  • Realistic prototypes
  • Cloud-based workflows
  • Design tools directly within the product
  • Support for add-ons and kits

This new design tool has been well in the making. With the rapidly growing need to fast, responsive designs for every product and business, developers and designers are feeling the crunch to keep up. But they can’t afford to take shortcuts either. If a user does not have a good experience with your app, he or she will drop it as fast as he or she downloaded it. And the same goes for your website.

Thankfully, Invision has some foresight. They seemed to find a way for designers and developers to create the user-experience together before long before the product goes life–lending itself to fewer design flaws and clunky user-flows. Initial UX Q/A’s can happen even before the work has been coded.

Features and Actions

You can implement nearly all the features you need like buttons, rollovers, color hex codes or pickers, blending modes, strokes, opacities, etcetera, etcetera directly in the app as well as measurement specifications. Actions can be linked, timed, and looped directly on an artboard. You can press the play button and watch your linked actions come to life–something that will come in handy during those pitch nights for startupers looking for some funding or strong exits into the corporate world.


Remember when Photoshop etiquette for developers and designers became a thing? I’m talking about labeling and organizing folders, labeling headings/subheadings, organized text, and heaven forbid; don’t stretch your type! Anyone from your team needs to be able to pick up a file and follow the design. Well, Invision makes this process a little more intuitive for even the newbie on your team straight out of design school. The shared design library on the left-hand toolbar streamlines this process. And no one needs to stop what they are doing while someone else is updating, renaming, and uploading new images or icons. Press the Pull Code button and Walla, the prototype is instantly updated. You can copy HTML code directly from the prototype too. Most of the work can be done in real-time so everyone is synced.

Feedback and Real-time Communication

Get feedback immediately. Questions can be addressed and resolved immediately on the prototype. The rendering matches your web experience pixel perfect and is so lifelike, you almost forget that it’s not the live product. They’re interactive and responsive according to your device, so you can join in the conversation wherever you are. The real-time commentary and notification badges make it easier to transfer the design/motion concept to the developer without confusion.

But wait, that’s like Sketch

It looks strikingly like Sketch App if you ask me. However, Sketch App is only loyal to Apple, whileInvision is happy to work with all of your operating systems and devices. And it is a bit more user-friendly. Call me set in my ways, but I prefer to work with features I know and recognize. I don’t want to waste any time trying to learn what that thingy in the corner does all over again.

Don’t throw the (Photoshop) Baby out with the Bathwater

You may find yourself spending less time toggling between scrum boards, Photoshop, and mockups or bouncing from room to room trying to understand what that sketch meant and more time creating. Something tells me that this app will push projects so fast that you will find yourself drinking coffee with your work buddies. We promise we won’t tell your CEO that you finished ahead of the game. Kickback and enjoy that coffee. You earned it.

Bill Gates famously said, I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

Well, no one’s calling anyone lazy around here. What he should have said is “I choose the efficient person to get the job done.” Who wants to create the wheel over and over again? I don’t. Invision is here to make sure that you don’t have to.

Don’t throw out Photoshop quite yet though. We still love Photoshop for their impeccable photo editing capabilities and artistic rendering. I mean, Photoshop is loaded with fancy brushes that help us create anything from simple edited designs to gallery quality works of art. But why waste your time in Photoshop with CTA’s? Use Photoshop (or any of their meager competitors if you must) sparingly with InVision Studio and you have a design powerhouse.

Invision App is not officially on the market until January 2018, but shhh, you can request early access to their website.

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Author: Claire Polansky

I am a Jill-of-all-trades marcom specialist and high tech autodidact. I stay upstream with the rapidly moving high tech scene by excessively reading anything and everything. When I am not reading or writing, you can find me with my dogs on the beach basking in the Mediterranean sun.

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